Bounce Back Acupuncture
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  Michael Balogh, L.Ac., MAOM
Beaverton - Hillsboro - Tigard - Portland  503-515-4457

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               Acupuncture can Boost Energy, provide Pain Relief and Deep Relaxation.

   What is Acupuncture?

   Acupuncture is world renowned for pain and stress relief. It is valued by millions of people for its        healing benefits. From professional athletes, to people from all walks of life, a lot of my
   patients come as referrals from MDs who respect the power of this ancient medicine.

Acupuncture is a Medical Therapy that relieves pain, and treats numerous health conditions by stimulating your
   body's ability to heal itself.

   Very thin, single use, sterile needles are placed in precise locations on the body.  The needles are retained for
   a period of time that initiates a healing response through the nervous system of the body. As the body
   and brain interact with the acupuncture needles, inflammation decreases, nerve impulses return to normal,
   proper blood flow is restored, and optimal health begins to return.  

   Types of Acupuncture: I use ancient and modern acupuncture systems:

  •    Balance Method
  •    Japanese Meridian Therapy (M -Test)
  •    Master Tung
  •    ElectroAcupuncture
  •    Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What Does Acupuncture Feel Like?
Patients report feelings of warmth, tingling or heaviness at the sight of the needles.  These sensations may
   travel to different locations on the body.  Patients find the process to be very relaxing and look forward
   to their treatments.

Is Acupuncture Safe?
The safety of acupuncture is well documented by the World Health Organization.
   When a well-trained, licensed acupuncturist inserts needles, there is minimal to no risk with acupuncture,
   and few if any side effects.  

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