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Herbal Medicine

  What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a powerful approach to health recovery, and health maintenance.  Chinese Herbal
  Medicine is 3000 years old, and is used to treat almost any health condition.  Modern technology has
  made it possible to bring nature’s healing power into our lives in a convenient, cost effective way. 

Herbal formulas contain herbs which have been chosen according to the patient’s specific needs. Modern   
  pharmaceuticals are rarely created for individual patient, and are frequently criticized for side effects.
  Herbal formulas have fewer side effects, they are completely natural, and have strong clinical evidence to             support their effectiveness. An added bonus of taking herbal formulas - they not only treat the current                 problem, but can also treat the underlying deficiencies that caused the problem initially. 

Bounce Back Acupuncture dispenses herbal capsules and concentrated herbal granules.
  These are easy ways to consume herbal medicines.

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